Kittens due later in 2015


Last litter born 2nd July 2013 Gr Ch Tilsim dan Vincent van Gogh & UK & Imp Gr Ch Stacym Quintessence  had 6 usual kittens (3 boys & 3 girls) my 'Z' litter (so their names will start with 'Z'). All easy deliveries for Beauty from midnight to 4:30am. I'll post photos below so you can see them growing up, latest photos will be at the top


2nd November 2013: Today's photos: showing the girl that's still available - she loves playing with the ball in the tracks - though they all grow out of this toy. Apologies for the colour of the photos at the window the camera wasn't able to interpret the colour properly






25th October 2013: Today's photos. The 3 girls & their mum (& the other cats) haven't missed their brothers at all. They continue to play & have their cuddles with anyone that will give them on (whether 2 legged or 4 they don't care) & they have more toys to play with. them. They're going to have a beautiful colour




12th October 2013: Today's photos. The 3 boys have gone to their delightful new families & are settling in well. I am keeping one girl & I have these 2 sisters waiting for their forever home. Aren't they cuties. In the middle photo she's cuddled up to her full brother from the litter last year




22nd September 2013: Today's photo. It's been very warm today 24oC in my sitting room & the kittens have been having lots of play time. So now they're asleep & I can take a photo of them all after moving them off my lap. They're so much fun & have a tremendous zeal for life.



8th September 2013: Another 2 photos today. They're all over the place & taking photos is hard work. I managed to put them all together & 1 has gone to sleep already & isn't visible in the top picture but is in the lower which was taken minutes later. Their favourite toy is a huge brown paper bag with a box inside. The bag makes lots of noise as they jump in, out & on top of it.




24th August 2013: Another 2 photos today. They've taken over their Dad's favourite sleeping place - & everywhere else it seems travelling up & down the 2 flights of stairs. They play fight each other, clamber up & down the scratching posts & are finding more toys to play with. 4 of the kittens have been eating solids for over a week & the last 2 joined them this week. A joy!



18th August 2013: 2 more photos today. The kittens have been sleeping off their early evening meal & starting to wake up for more play. All but one are eating solids and topping up with milk from Mom. They enjoy playing on all three floors of my house - some are better at negotiating the stairs than others. They play fight each other & are also playing with toys




4th August 2013: A couple of photos today. One showing all of them with Mum - she's coping well but starting to get a little thin and as two of the kittens are a little small I have started supplement feeding. That's a lovely experience. All the kittens are now very active & are interacting with each other.  They're using the litter trays & three of them are eating solids. What progress!




28th July 2013: Here's today's photo. They're all over the place now exploring their surroundings. For this photo, one was wide awake & wouldn't stay in the box, no matter how many times I put him back in LOL! The lighting is a little different as well - so the colour is slightly different. Aren't they cute




21st July 2013: Here's today's photo, they're just starting to wake up. Now they 'talk' back to me when I talk to them & are starting to come to me more. They're more active and actively exploring their box.




14th July 2013: Couldn't resist taking this one: they'd had cuddles & then a feed from their Mum followed by a much needed sleep -  they spend most of their time doing at this age. They can hear & look at me when I'm talking to them. They can see though not well yet. And they can wobble around the kitten box. It's fascinating watching them develop. It's a little cooler here than yesterday so they're in a bundle rather than being spread out




13th July 2013: They all have their eyes open & one of them is purring already. Another is very adventurous & managed to get out of their box - I can see I'm going to have fun with this litter! Oh and I have both boys & girls




8th July 2013: All 6 kittens growing well, very contented as Beauty is looking after them well. They have good lungs: yelling when Mum leaves them & returns!



Here's a link to my last litter same Mum UK & Imp Gr Ch Stacym Quintessence and Dad

Gr Ch Tilsim dan Vincent van Gogh