It is very important to me that my kittens go to a loving home where they will be well cared for


Your Stacym Somali kitten has been brought up to be a happy, healthy, well socialised kitten of Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency normal parentage


I love receiving photos as they grow up. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to visit and meet up again with people and see Stacym cats as they’ve matured – some of my photos are from these visits
Click here to see some of those photos

So when you have a Stacym Somali kitten what can you expect from me?

▪  Your kitten will be at least 13 weeks old. This is because your kitten will be vaccinated at 9 weeks, had a booster at 12 weeks & then another week for the vaccination to take full effect

▪  In addition to your beautiful, loving bundle of fun I provide the following:

▪  Some food so that your kitten stays on the same food for a while

▪  Some litter – for the same reason

▪  A toy because your Stacym Somali will want to play

▪  Your Stacym Somali will be registered with the G.C.C.F. & I will provide you with a G.C.C.F. Transfer Certificate

▪  Your Stacym Somali's pedigree signed & dated

▪  Vaccination Certificate - 1st & 2nd vaccinations

▪  Insurance Cover Note for 4 weeks

▪  G.C.C.F. Code of Ethics

▪  My Kitten Notes give you advice and information

▪  Agreement, based on the G.C.C.F agreement

▪  An application to join a cat club

▪  Me at the end of the phone or email to ooh & ahh

And in return what does my kitten & I want from you?

▪  To love & keep your Stacym Somali safe, happy and healthy

▪  To provided a warm and comfortable home, with plenty of opportunity for exercise and play

▪  To keep your Stacym Somali indoors with restricted access to the outside only into a "cat proof" garden/enclosure or on a lead

▪  To provide drinking water at all times & feed regularly and adequately

▪  To groom regularly to keep the coat in good condition

▪  To seek veterinary attention whenever your Stacym Somali is showing signs of illness

▪  For Stacym Somalis that are not for breeding to neuter or spay at the age recommended by your veterinary surgeon - typically 3 to 6 months

▪  To contact me if you need help with your Stacym Somali

Please note that your kitten will have had a full course of vaccination (initial at 9 weeks and booster at 12 weeks) and will be at least 13 weeks old before going home with you. This is to ensure maximum protection from the vaccination and to reduce the likelihood of adverse reaction to the vaccination