Where's my toy?
Photo courtesy Jo Walker
My hidey hole I should have gone to Specsavers
Photo courtesy
Bronwen Woods
Two girls cuddled up Bubbles from the monolithic fountain in my enclosed garden So cute
Ahhhhhh! Zonked Fascination

I love my chicken! Don't I look cute? Caught this (toy) mouse - what's happening over there I'm chilled - love my bed
Photo courtesy Dr C Leonard

A 2 headed Somali?
No just Pr Manot Palin & Leoncine Hatshepsut cuddled up
I really loved climbing to the top of this clothes dryer - but I'd better concentrate so I don't fall off

I love playing under the rug & then POUNCING. This is me really How's this for a pose? Spot the cat! Want a clue?
Look for a tail & pair of heels