How did Stacym Somalis come into being?

As a child I'd badgered my poor Mum for years for a cat but as she reckoned she had too many two legged 'pets' with Dad, my siblings & me I didn't get anywhere

My opportunity came as an adult when I moved into a house in Sydney Australia, and within a month discovered a pretty cat hanging around. We made friends & before I knew it the cat had moved in and settled into what it considered its home & we curled up together on the settee. Next thing, the previous owners were knocking on the door looking for the cat. Yes, you guessed it - same one that had just made itself comfortable. Then came the famous words, "Do you want to keep the cat. It's obviously going to keep coming back. It's a he and has been neutered."
We kept Guts, so known as he gobbled food after being on the road for a month making his way back home. We soon found out why - he wasn't starving from his long trek home after all - within the month 'he' had four gorgeous kittens. Homes were found for all but one of the kittens which we intentionally kept. We subsequently successfully moved home several times with neutered Mum and son

Returning to the UK, many years later I decided it was time for some more cats. This time I decided to have pedigrees so I could chose the temperament and looks I wanted. Enjoyable months were spent researching as I read books and magazines and I drew up a shortlist. Then I had a wonderful time visiting cat shows and talking to owners and breeders. I very quickly decided Somalis were the breed for me and I'm as much in love with this breed now as I was when I first found it back in 1994.

I welcomed my first Somalis home in 1995 & started showing. My first kittens were born on 1st April 1998, a wonderful event

So what is Stacym?
Stacym is my prefix, in effect the surname for the cats I breed
- my beloved Somalis. It's a made up name. It's 'mycats' spelt backwards. Pronounced as 'stay' followed by a soft 'c' as in 'cym'bal AND it goes nicely with Somalis!