My policy is for Stacym Somalis to go to homes where they will NOT have open access to the outside


From personal experience I can say that it is highly likely that a Stacym Somali with free roaming access to the 'great outdoors' will become a casualty as a result of:

▪  Injury or death from road traffic accident or another animal

▪  Poisoning

▪  Disease

▪  Infestation

▪  Loss

▪  Stress

So if you want a free roaming Somali then please do
not come to me


The Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) has some very good information sheets on this topic with suggestions on how to give your cat the best of both worlds whilst protecting her from the big bad world. See my Interesting Links page for their website.
July 2013 I've noticed that the FAB has re-purposed, renamed (to International Cat Care) & recreated it's website. Here's a link to their old website for an In or Out discussion. On their new website here's Fencing in your Garden and Minimising Risks to the Outdoor Cat