Stacym Somalis
UK & Imp Gr Ch Stacym Quintessence's 3rd (Y) litter

Here's a gallery of her litter as they developed - keep scrolling down to when they were very young!

27th May 2012: Twelve weeks old, the kittens had their 2nd vaccinations during the week - didn't phase them at all.
So they'll be ready for their new home towards the end of this coming week. Some of the kittens are still available

6th May 2012: I missed talking photos last weekend as I was at a fascinating seminar on Cat Genetics.
A very interesting day with excellent speakers & catching up with friends.
The kittens are creating merry havoc now as they career all over the place. Here they are zonked out.
They had their first vaccinations mid week as they were 9 weeks old

22nd April 2012: A busy weekend with my younger sister staying over & being the kittens new 'play-mate' - thanks sis!
The kittens had a wonderful time & I have some quiet time as they're zonked out after a hectic weekend (as will I be soon!). Here are today's photos

15th April 2012: The kittens are having a great time playing & being 'mothered' by their Mum, Dad, 1/2 sister & me.
What's not to love with these guys. Today's photos: memo to self must try to get some action shots to share their fun

8th April 2012: Well, now they are coming downstairs, a little hesitantly, but when they're down they love it. More to experience & learn about.
More toys to play with. What a great time for them & for me enjoying their zeal for life. Then they zonk out & I can take photos!

1st April 2012: What a difference 1 week makes. The kittens LOVE their food: they're having a mix of biscuits & wet food - the same as their Mum & top up from their Mum. Plus they are using the litter trays scattered around the bedroom, announcing what they are doing at the top of their 'voices'. They are happy playing on the top floor & middle floors of the house. Thank goodness they have not yet learned how to negotiate the stairs - it takes a lot longer to 'round' them up when they're fully mobile.

25th March 2012: The kittens at 17 days are far more active. They're starting to play fight and trot around on my bed.
They come for their cuddles yelling for attention. SO cute. Then they sleep!

18th March 2012: Momma cat has decided that the right & proper place for this litter is not in the kittening box but in my bed. Despite trying countless times putting them back in their very comfortable box she insists that my comfy bed is better for her & her family than the box I have provided. I am, of course, very touched and am now having sleepless nights for fear of rolling over & squashing such beautiful kittens. Here they are at 17 days in my bed....

10th March 2012: Growing nicely & Mum is now happy to leave them for 5 minutes so you can see the little ones more easily, 10 days old

3rd March 2012: Here they are at 3 days well looked after by their Mum!