What is the GCCF?

Formed in 1910, the GCCF is the main governing body for pedigree cats in the UK. GCCF stands for the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. It registers about 32,000 pedigree cats each year. I have a link to their website in Interesting Links

What is a Standard of Points?

Breeders over the years have defined the physical characteristics of each breed & written these down in a Standard of Points (SOP). These are used by breeders & judges to assess the quality of pedigree cats. Any changes are agreed by the Breed Advisory Council (BAC) for the breed, then by the GCCF Executive & finally by the full GCCF Council made up of representatives from affiliated clubs. I have included the Somali SOP for those who are interested in the following pages with the agreement of the Somali BAC Secretary. For ease of reading I have split this into a number of different pages on my website - remember the Somali SOP is actually 1 document!

As you can see there's a lot for breeders & judges to consider and is what we are aiming for as perfection

SOMALI – GCCF Standard of Points