This is where I tell you about our beloved cat family

Stacym Somalis is our joy & our passion.
We have 2 home bred queens plus my (private) stud. All my cats are family members & are free to roam within the house & the enclosed garden. None of them are put into pens and none live outside. Our objective is to keep the number of cats & kittens small so everyone has all the individual attention that they want and need
We aim for a maximum of 1 litter a year per queen. Typical litter size is 3-4 kittens: the largest litter had 7 beautiful kittens.
My queens are all Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency normal
We pronounce Stacym as '
stay' followed by a soft 'c' as in 'cym'bal AND it goes nicely with Somalis. When trying to decide on our cattery name we were playing with letters & found if mycats was spelt backwards it became stacym & so our cattery name. Lets meet our cats:

UK & Imp Gr Ch Stacym Quintessence
Beauty is a usual Somali born April 2006. She has a well out-crossed, international & 'titled' pedigree.
She is very pretty with rich colouring and a loving temperament. She tries to ignore the toys, LOL. She is the mother of TT to her right & Yum Yum beneath TT
Beauty is Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency normal
Imperial Gr Ch Tilsim dan Vincent van Gogh
Vincent is a usual Somali born November 2009. He's a German cat: his father is Shibeli's Hijacker (Ch) & mother Tilsim dan Pure Poison (European Ch). He has great type with stunning colour & is my private stud. He loves to be carried like a baby & have his tummy rubbed & his favourite toy is a screwed up piece of paper
Ch Stacym Zeitgeist is a usual Somali born July 2013. Her mother is UK & Imp Gr Ch Stacym Quintessence, at the top left, & father Gr Ch Tilsim dan Vincent van Gogh above right. She is very pretty & I am sure her colour will be lovely & rich like the rest of the family. She has a delightful temperament & purrs when you look at her. She loves every toy in the house at the moment

Stacym Zany-Zephyr is a usual Somali born July 2013 sister to Stacym Zeitgeist . Her mother is UK & Imp Gr Ch Stacym Quintessence, at the top left, & father Gr Ch Tilsim dan Vincent van Gogh top right. She was the littlest of the litter & has a huge playful personality. A real gem
And now a little more about my 'cat' life:
I participate in cat shows something like 10-12 times a year. I love meeting friends & other cat lovers and see shows as more of a social event rather than a competitive activity - though it is nice to get certificates!
Somalis are not common here in the UK so shows are also a means of introducing this glorious breed to other people
I've been a committee member of the following UK clubs:
    Somali including the Breed Advisory Committee (BAC)
    Semi Long Hair Cat Association
    Abyssinian Cat Society
Within those committees I have held a variety of posts including
    Membership Secretary
    Magazine Editor
I am currently the Somali Cat Club journal editor.
We're located in Staffordshire in the Midlands of the UK