I always love to see photos of Stacym cats in their new homes. Keep them coming guys!
Here are some of those pictures.....

Stacym Winsom Woman
courtesy Marjon Broek
Stacym Windsong
courtesy Susan Cooney
Stacym Vivid Vagabond
courtesy Lucie Vokes
Stacym Valiant Vanguard
courtesy Bronwen Woods
Stacym Velvety Vanadis & Vivid Vagabond
courtesy Lucie Vokes
Stacym Terrific Trogon
courtesy Elaine Fox-Packer
Stacym U-Lovely Boy & Staycm U-Sweetie courtesy Hugh Gleave Stacym U-Lovely Boy
courtesy Hugh Gleave
Stacym Taku Tazi
courtesy Julia Rhodes
Stacym Terrific Trogon + Somali cousin
courtesy Elaine Fox-Packer
Stacym Taku Tazi + Aby pal
courtesy Julia Rhodes
Stacym Pastiche Paragon
courtesy Bianca & Peter  Robinson
Stacym Riant Romancer
courtesy Jo Walker
Stacym Ruddy Rascal & Stacym Richly Roan courtesy Carol Harris
Stacym Nortiebutnice
courtesy Becky & Danny John
Stacym Ohyousweetie
courtesy Dr Carol Leonard
Ch Manot Nestles & Stacym Obbligato
 courtesy Chris Cantrell

Stacym Leanderkat
courtesy Gemma & Andy Petterson
Stacym LovelyBoy
courtesy Becky & Danny John
Pr Stacym Nacart Nonsuch
courtesy Bren & Nick Cassells

Ch Stacym Bijou
courtesy Rebecca Eagland/Alan Robinson
Stacym Justintime
courtesy  Alison Cross & John Allsopp
Stacym Karri
courtesy  Jane Goodman